"The average introduction is somewhat of a bore"   — Boris Karloff (Actor)

I’m a polished nerd, cut from a hybrid cloth of boondoggle-blazer and hacker-hoodie. I clean up well and can carry a cocktail conversation without killing it but am equally at home getting my hands dirty with data and code.

Data and code to better the world.

Sustainability is my passion. It’s the “why” behind what I do and the lens through which I view everything. My niche is the intersection of SRI/ESG investing and data science; with an emphasis on energy and the environment.

I am driven by three core beliefs:

  1. Global sustainability is imperative and critical infrastructure sectors (e.g., energy, utilities) play outsized roles
  2. Responsible private-sector capital (economic, human, social, and natural) is the cornerstone of sustainability
  3. Analytical primacy and technological agility are differentiators in this data-intensive, data-complicated space

I wasn’t exactly born hugging a tree though.

My views evolved along an epic Campbellian career journey, from financing environmental anathemas and merrily clinking glasses with Montgomery Burns types at fancy closing dinners, to harsh early lessons in ESG-related risks, then epiphanic observations of sustainability’s “business case” — generating ESG and financial value.

The Triple Bottom Line.  People, Planet, and Profit.

Therein lies one of my greatest assets: Perspective.

My passion is firmly rooted in experience, in a special kind of wisdom only possible having come from the “other side” — a real-world education in sustainability and SRI/ESG investing that can’t be taught in a classroom.